I am blessed to be a husband and father in my home. I am grateful to have been given the incredible opportunity to help lead over 80 production volunteers at Port City Community Church. I am humbled to be loved by God and made righteous by Jesus Christ.

I enjoy art and value creative expression. This is an area of my life that I wish I had pursued more as a child. My favorite artform is music. I listen to music all of the time. I love all kinds of music for all kinds of reasons.

I enjoy seeing new places. I love to be surrounded by the the beauty that God created and also love to experience new cultures. I would love to live someplace like Ashville, NC or Denver, CO.

I enjoy theology, but am a man of few words. It takes me a while to process information. I feel that I am fairly open minded. I like to consider one’s perspective and do not quickly arrive at opinions. I would rather have a conversation sharing thoughts, ideas and questions than a debate over what is right or what is truth. I cannot and will not debate. I am put off by someone who thinks they are right all the time. I often find it difficult to organize my thoughts well enough to express them with words.


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